The Woman, Meg (sisterfish) wrote,
The Woman, Meg

Baa. Baa.

Catch the

1) First Grade Teacher: Mrs. Lindsay.
2) Last words you said: "Be sure to have that back into me by the 18th”.
3) Last song you sang: “I’m so excited” (while cleaning house the other night
4) Last person you hugged: gymgeek
5) Last thing you laughed at: My boss, while discussing the tradition of giving holiday turkeys. “But what about the vegans?”
6) Last time you said 'I love you': This morning in person. This afternoon in text messaging.
7) Last time you cried: A couple weeks ago, from frustration.
8) What's in your CD player: Tosca (Callas, DiSteffano, Gobbi, De Sabata)
9) What colour socks are you wearing: White sport socks, with dark blue and orange stripes.
10) What's under your bed: two ikea underbed boxes: One full of linens, the other full of shoes.
11) What time did you wake up today: 6:30ish
12) Current taste: Satsuma
13) Current hair: Getting long, light brown, mostly.
14) Current clothes: jeans, ex-company corporate logo comfy sweatshirt, navy keds.
15) Current annoyance: This damned cold.
16) Current longing: Sunshine, warmth and a clear head.
17) Current desktop picture: My Sophia Cat
18) Current worry: Getting everything done by Sunday’s cookie swap.
19) Current hate: People who over use drama for effect.
20) Story behind your LJ username: I made a lifelong friend when sisterfish125 and I discovered we’d been “remotely dating” the same man. He’s long gone. We’re close friends. We’re both pisces, we’re incredibly alike, like sisters born a decade apart. Hence, Sisterfish. (and I just beat her to it on LJ).
21) Current favorite article of clothing: Gray cashmere sweater. Mmm. Cashmere.
22) Favorite physical feature of the opposite sex/same sex: Brains and heart. Be smart, be nice.
23) Last CD that you bought: It’s been a while. BNL: Maroon, maybe.
24) Favorite place to be: with my sweetie.
25) Least favourite place: somewhere totally boring.
26) Time you wake up in the morning: 6:30ish.
27) If you could play an instrument, what would it be: cello
28) Favorite color: blue
29) Do you believe in an afterlife: Not really.
30) How tall are you: 5'2"
31) Current favorite word/saying: okie-dokey
32) Favorite book: The Princess Bride. I’ve re-read it a zillion and one times.
33) Favorite season: summer
34) One person from your past you wish you could go back and talk to: Jeff. I miss him lots..
35) Favorite day: Saturdays with no plans
36) Where do you want to go: Egypt; China, Thailand.
37) What is your career going to be like: I’m an HR Manager. I’m a people person.
38) How many kids do you want: A couple, I think. Although I won’t be devastated if I don’t have kids.
39) What kind of car will you have:Given a choice, a small SUV. I like the look of that new honda.
40) Type a line you remember from any book: “That’s quite a catch, our Catch-22. It’s the best there is.”..
41) A random lyric: “never more to go astray, this’ll be the end today of the wanted man.”.
42) Identify some things surrounding your computer: Barbie mug, tea cup, forms manual, stack of mail, Tosca, Glen Gould CDs, a new plush pez dispenser, sunglasses, speakers, hello kitty stickers, spider confetti, chopsticks, paperclips, pens, a nickle, business cards (mine and others), post it notes, mardi gras beads, calendar, dried roses.
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