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The Good Daughter....

Sometimes it's hard to be a good daughter.
Sometimes, it's just having different political and social views than my mother.
Sometimes, it's the nature of the world I live in, where it's perfectly fine to live with my boyfriend, while in her world, it's still almost scandalous (regardless of the fact she likes him)
Sometimes, it's the things unsaid.

She went to a new cardiologist today, and seems to have liked him. She said that he said to let her know whether she'd be a permanent patient, or whether she'd be going back to Walla Walla after the winter. At this point, there's a voice in my head saying "You really should tell her that she's probably never going to live independently again. "

But at the same time, I don't want to take away what is about the only motivation she has......if she can will herself somewhat normally well, she might be able to live independently again, with some assistance.

She got mad as hell last week, when her GP told her that she probably wouldn't ever feel "normal" again, and is currently in an "I'll show him" mode---which is a good thing for being sure she does her exercises, takes her medication properly, and does all the things she's supposed to do.

I guess I just want to be surprised by a miraculous recovery.
I guess that's part of being a good daughter.

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