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I usually don't cry at baseball games....well, as long as Norm Charleton isn't pitching (and often that's more yelling and screaming than crying), but tonight I did.

I almost made it through God Bless America....almost.
The Star Spangled Banner seemed a little more special tonight.
The 7th inning stretch replaced Louie Louie with American the Beautiful....and it worked.

Tonight the Mariners clinched the 2001 American League Western Division Title. And in their post-game celebration again proved themselves a class act. I'm sure the picture will be on the front of the paper tomorrow, and I'll post a link, but tonight I was there.

I was there when a stadium of 45 thousand people went from screaming in celebration to silent reflection.

I was there when Mark McLemore took the American flag and started a procession of his teammates around the bases.

I was there. And I defy anyone to call what I felt jingoism.
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